The Mistake On Site Costing You Thousands Of Dollars
By Graeme Paterson
Morning, guys. Here's one thing that is costing you thousands on site, okay. Simple thing is, when you're getting caught with verbal instructions, "I want to change this. I want to do that. Can you add this in? Can you add that in?" Right, because they think they want to move it forward.

Get it in writing, right. If you feel pressurized on site, because you're the owner, that's why we always try and get owners off site, not working on the tools, right. So, the best way to get around that is create an email address, contracts at whatever your business is, and just say, "You need to forward that to contracts, and then they'll place it." Okay. Don't be bullied on site and it feeling as though you're in breach of contract but not getting them to sign it. About the hardest thing to do, that's why you want to remove yourself from the site.

Okay, but just make sure you put the systems in place, so that end of the day, when you get final
account, they'll shaft you because what happens is they say, "I'm not happy with that price." That may be the right price, you know, but then you need to have all the proof behind it. Get it all first in writing, you'll save yourself a shit ton of money.

Graeme Paterson

Graeme Paterson helps people grow successful Trades & Construction businesses. He is an expert at helping people, get off the tools and scale their business. If you're interested in growing & scaling your Trades or Construction business then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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