Why You're A Media Business First...
By Graeme Paterson
Hi guys. Me again. Tradie Freedom Formula. Interested one. People do not like spending money on
marketing because it does not work. That's bullshit, okay? What you need to remember, and one of my mentors, Mal Emery, taught me this, and he was the first person to make it sink into me that my business is: I am an advertising, marketing, media business before I'm service provider. Right?

The most important thing I can do is market my business properly. The second best thing I can do is provide a great service. But I need to get the marketing, the media site right so that I can scale my business properly. There's a reason why some businesses do really, really well and some don't. They've got the marketing right. It's nothing to do with the service they provide, it's all, or the majority of the time is to do with they've got the message right. Okay?

So, you're an advertising, marketing agency that provides a service, which is being at Tradie. After you do that right, perceived value, you are perceived to be better in the market. Get that, you are onto a winner.

Graeme Paterson

Graeme Paterson helps people grow successful Trades & Construction businesses. He is an expert at helping people, get off the tools and scale their business. If you're interested in growing & scaling your Trades or Construction business then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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© 2019 Tradie Freedom Formula | Privacy | Terms | Disclaimer